Tiwi Islanders protest Santos' Barossa gas project in Australia

(Upstream, Perth, 29 May 2023) Australian oil giant Santos denied claims of human rights abuses against Indigenous Australians relating to domestic gas and LNG projects planned or under development that have been alleged to some of the company’s investors and financiers. Equity Generation Lawyers, which bills itself as specialists in Australian climate change law, early last month filed human rights grievances against financial institutions supporting the Barossa gas project located in waters off northern Australia. Those financial institutions included Australia’s ANZ and Westpac, DNB Bank of Norway, Singapore’s DBS Bank and three Japanese banks. In tandem, export credit agencies in Japan and South Korea that are set to provide financial support to Santos’ project partners from those nations also received letters of complaint. The company has more than 90 agreements in place across Australia that relate to native title, Aboriginal land rights and cultural heritage management, involving six Aboriginal Land Councils and 23 Traditional Owner groups.