Trump gives Ex-Im pick a chance to rescue nomination

(Politico, Washington, 2 August 2017) President Donald Trump is giving former Rep. Scott Garrett a chance to save his nomination to lead the Export-Import Bank just weeks after the president privately questioned the appointment amid intense pushback from business groups. The New Jersey Republican’s confirmation has been in doubt for months amid concern about his record in Congress, where he led efforts to try to kill the bank and took positions on LGBT issues that unnerved his corporate backers. An administration official said Trump has “given Garrett an opportunity” to try to prove he can secure enough votes in the Senate. The president has underscored his support for Garrett in conversations with conservative lawmakers, a second administration official said. “He’s looking to get a reformer in there,” the second official said, adding that Trump hopes Garrett can change the agency. The administration itself is developing a plan to make sweeping changes to the bank, officials said. But it's unclear when they will be unveiled publicly.