Turkey to Acquire Four Russian S-400 Missile Divisions with ECA support

(Prensa Latina, Moscow, 28 December 2017) Turkey will acquire, for 2.5 billion dollars, four divisions of the modern Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile divisions, which will be delivered in 2020. The finance ministries of Turkey and Russia have concluded negotiations for the granting of an export credit to Ankara, Chemezov head of the Russian state conglomerate Rostec said. Turkey will pay an advance equivalent to 45% of the total and the Russian side will grant an export credit that will cover the other 55% of the contract. Ankara [a NATO member] received strong criticism and even threats from the United States for its decision to acquire the Russian arms. In other Russian ECA news, four Iranian banks have signed an "unlimited finance deal" with the Eximbank of Russia for public and private sector approved projects using Russian technical and engineering services.