Ugandans question ECA supported EACOP pipeline vs energy transition

(Daily Monitor, Kampala, 30 November 2020) In the wake of Covid-19, there is need for governments to ensure a just recovery and transition to low-carbon energy systems for economic and social recovery. Clearly, the government continues to fail Ugandans in-terms of current fossil fuels development plans. Government is still making progress towards development of its 6.5 billion barrels of oil, with plans to build a $3.5b East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). However, as government seeks to turn oil reserves into tomorrow’s fuels, oil development will certainly further lock us onto the path to irreversible climate change and failure to meet Paris Climate Agreement, goals. Moreover, many oil projects continue to rob locals of their land and livelihoods in violation of their land and other property rights. These are degrading the environment and climate in equal measure,  hence fuelling a triple crisis. Mr. Cyrus Kabaale, Uganda