Export Credit Agencies

Export Credit Agencies, commonly known as ECAs, are public agencies and entities that provide government-backed loans, guarantees and insurance to corporations from their home country that seek to do business overseas in developing countries and emerging markets. For more details see What are ECAs.

ECAs are now the world's biggest class of public finance institutions operating internationally. Collectively they exceed the size of the entire World Bank Group and fund more private-sector projects in the developing world than any other class of finance institution.

Most industrialized nations have at least one ECA. For details about specific ECAs, use the menu on the left.

The OECD maintains a list of all official ECA websites.


ECAs are:

  • One of the biggest sources of financing for harmful projects;

  •  Undercutting progress & violating laws;

  •  Fueling a "race to the bottom;"

  •  Almost completely lacking transparency;

  •  Contemptuous of affected communities;

  •  Promoting corrupt practices;

  •  Adding to a crushing debt for developing nations;

  •  Facilitating arms transfers and human rights abuses;

  •  Increasing the very risks they were created to protect companies against;

  •  Assuming no responsibility.