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Volume 18, Issue 12

December 2019

  • Controversy over Chinese subsidies for Huawei
  • US Ex-Im Bank gets seven-year extension
  • European Parliament asks Member states to end ECA support for fossil fuel projects
  • Sweden proposes climate and export strategy which includes ban on ECA support for fossil fuel exploration and extraction
  • Insurers drop coal in droves to “avoid climate breakdown”
  • Korean ECA to Extend $375 Mil. to Daewoo E&C’s LNG Plant Project in Nigeria
  • Gaslog LNG carrier announces $1.05 billion ECA backed debt
  • Saudi Arabia looks for ECA finance to reduce deficits
  • UAE, Egypt to strengthen trade relations via ECA MoU
  • Central Bank of Egypt launches ECA
  • JBIC joins $1.3 billion financing for Bangladesh urea industries
  • Chubb takes stake in ATI to boost African trade

November 2019

  • France targets fracking & flaring with ECA guarantee overhaul
  • UAE running secret prison in French ECA supported LNG facility in Yemen
  • The ECA fossil elephant in the Dutch room
  • 20% of Dominican Republic territory at risk from fossil fuel auction
  • AfDB approves $400m loan for Mozambique LNG facility
  • EU Council to host business and human rights conference
  • Dutch Ship Firm Kept Fees Secret
  • Newt Gingrich: EXIM the key to beating China's economic-military machine
  • Nigeria's Ajaokuta Steel completion to receive Russian ECA support
  • World Bank warns of Kenyan [ECA] debt distress
  • EU takes Greece off short-term export credit ‘blacklist’
  • UK export credit agency to provide US$303m in support of Formosa II
  • EX-IM signs new co-financing pact with Japanese rival NEXI
  • UK judge rules EDC can proceed with sale of Gupta jet