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Volume 18, Issue 5

May 2019

  • Senate Confirmation of Export-Import Bank Directors Means Billions More Dollars in Federal Fossil Fuel Financing
  • Pity the Export-Import Bank, caught between warring Republican factions
  • Liberals caught again in SNC Lavalin EDC Scandal
  • Canada strikes alliance with U.S. counterweight to China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  • Aid and UKEF funding must be coherent & recognise climate change emergency, say MPs
  • China’s export insurance giant is taking a risk on coal
  • Legal challenge mounted against Kosovo coal project
  • China, Japan and South Korea, while vowing to go green at home, promote coal abroad
  • European ECAs may loose out to Russian and/or Chinese sales of fighter jets to Malaysia
  • EXIM Should Explore Using Available Data to Identify Applicants with Delinquent Federal Debt
  • New EDC human-rights policy lacks power, say workers and watchdogs

April 2019

  • European Commission consultation on short-term export credit rules
  • SNC-Lavalin insider's bribery allegations spark EDC probe
  • German parliament approves ECA supported sale of 6 heavy frigates to Egypt
  • EFIC Reform Puts Pacific ‘Step-Up' at Risk
  • India's Jet Airways delays payments to global lenders guaranteed by ExIm
  • Riyadh aims to counter Tehran’s influence with Iraq ECA credits
  • Iran's ECA Reassures Foreign Trade Partners
  • China gives Naftogaz $1 billion ECA guarantee
  • Eskom’s black hole of debt keeps on getting bigger
  • How Gujarat fishermen won US top court ruling against global funding
  • UAE ECA ECI voted as observer member of Berne Union
  • Australian cattle exported to Sri Lanka under EFIC project dying and malnourished