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Volume 1, Issue 20

January 2021

  • Atradius DSB launches 'Green Label' to promote greater environmentally responsible export transactions
  • EDC is undermining Canada’s climate commitments. Will Ottawa step in and take action?
  • NGOs Strongly Oppose JBIC Decision to Support Vietnamiese Coal-fired Power Generation Project
  • Asian ECAs sustain coal’s threat to world climate
  • EU greenlights more short-term ECA state aid for virus-hit firms and agriculture
  • Turkish ECA finances US$70 million Kenyan armored car deal
  • Departing EXIM chief urges Biden team to counter Chinese lending dominance
  • Australian ECA may finance buyer for Pacific mobile network Digicel to block China
  • British Airways & EasyJet: UK Export Finance's new form of state aid
  • US Exim and Greensill back domestic LNG exporter
  • UAE - India to enhance trade, economic cooperation
  • U.S. ExIm prepares possible seizure of Bulgarian satellite over loan nonpayment
  • Ukraine aims to develop cooperation with OECD ECAs

December 2020

  • UKEF to stop funding overseas fossil fuel projects?
  • EU Commission Approves €625 Million Italian Scheme to Counter COVID-19 Impacts
  • EXIM is helping American workers and keeping China at bay
  • Unions oppose EXIM relaxation of domestic content rules
  • Korea's Eximbank provides $500 mil. for Mozambique gas project
  • Too Many Eggs in the Dragon’s Basket? Part Two: Diversifying Australia’s Export Base
  • UK widens access to export loans as post-Brexit transition ends
  • UKEF concerned over ‘largely unused’ export credit facility
  • Ugandans question ECA supported EACOP pipeline vs energy transition
  • UAE, Israel export credit agencies sign trade cooperation deal
  • Ukrainian-UK Defense Cooperation: Will UKEF Have Kyiv’s Back?
  • Massive SACE loan from Italy to Egypt
  • Shipping lenders face carbon cutting shortfalls despite Poseidon Principles
  • Swedish ECAs propose $2-billion credit for aviation development in Vietnam
  • Norwegian Air secures court protection over €4.1bn debts
  • Hungarian & Russian ECAs sign $1.17 billion Egyptian rail deal
  • Russian Export Forum to focus on COVID-driven incentives for businesses
  • China, Japan, and S. Korea see $205 billion renewable energy market in Southeast Asia
  • Crisis response: a paradigm shift for ECAs