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Volume 20, Issue 7

July 2021

  • Germany accused of hypocrisy over Arctic gas project
  • Australian ECA gives 80X more to fossil fuel projects than renewables
  • EXIM support and the Pemex Ocean fire
  • Export Development Canada Promises Net Zero by 2050
  • UKEF reports export credit arrangements for 2020
  • Australian ECA eyes bid for Pacific telecoms to block China
  • Ghanaian rail project takes off with Swedish & South African ECA backing
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports EXIM
  • U.S. EXIM Bank says 2020 financing volume still far below global rivals
  • SACE helps revive Italian steelmaker Acciaierie d'Italia
  • Insurers mourn missed chance to form EU ECA
  • Afreximbank plans $8 billion fund to offset trade-pact losses
  • New Norwegian ECA, Eksfin, begins operations

June 2021

  • Global capital racing towards clean energy
  • Rich Countries Subsidizing “Dash for Gas” in Developing World
  • As banks [and ECAs?] flee coal, campaigners turn sights on gas
  • Human Rights Watch Q&A on ECA Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  • World's largest oil shale power plant in Jordan near completion with Sinosure support
  • Chinese export insurance company reports steady business growth
  • ECA supported Ethiopian projects show ‘railpolitik’ in action
  • EXIM Environmental and Social Projects Information and Concerns Grievance Hotline
  • Is West Africa the focus region for ECA-supported financing?
  • Nigeria looks for US$85 billion in investments, increasing ECA dependencies
  • UK business given £12.3bn export support from government
  • Rosatom Preparing Support With French ECA For Foreign Nuclear Power Plants
  • KDF to acquire 118 APCs from Turkey at US$7.4 million
  • ECA Climate change goals lacking on maritime shipping decarbonization