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Volume 8, Issue 19

August 2020

  • ECAs, COVID-19 and Climate: Recommendations to Ensure that Economic Support Protects People and the Planet
  • Johnson poised to stop UKEF funding overseas fossil fuel projects
  • Afreximbank Commits US$400 M To Mozambique's LNG Project
  • EC approves €2bn scheme to support Italian trade credit insurance
  • China slow to curb coal financing as Japan, South Korea ‘accept new reality’ on phasing out fossil fuels
  • Ford secures UKEF loan guarantee to build on engine exports
  • Airbus to be sued by investors for bribery and export control violations
  • US Firms Announce Power Agreements Worth Billions With Iraq
  • Exim backs exports to Argentina’s YPF
  • Ghana commissions University of Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Bangladesh's Prime Bank approved by USDA export credit guarantee programme
  • Nigeria: Appraising 3 Years of Reform At Nexim Bank
  • Canadian Football League tackles EDC backed loan

July 2020

  • US Exim's role in the Republican/China trade and political war
  • SINOSURE maintains steady business growth in H1
  • Danish ECA EKF moves to hide environmental negligence in Armenia
  • Mozambique’s ECA backed multi-billion dollar gamble on LNG
  • Serious concerns’ raised over UKEF by Spotlight on Corruption
  • EDC’s role in Canada's oil and gas bailout
  • Ditch Public Financing of Fossil Fuels
  • ECAs and the Aviation Industry: What Does the Future Hold?
  • 80% of Hong Kong Security Law Backers at the U.N. Are Belt and Road Signatories
  • Japan’s plan to curb coal plant lending has major “loopholes”
  • HSBC arranges first Green ECA loan in Saudi Arabia
  • Portugal launches plan to boost exports hit by pandemic
  • Finveram warns of 2020 loss due to coronavirus
  • Embraer business jet unit gets $97 mln U.S. EXIM Bank loan guarantee